What's new in Mercurius 5.0

Mercurius v5.0 (released August 2010) upgrade concerns primarily the work with Materia Medica.
The Materia Medica module has been newly programmed in order to incorporate our new ideas of working with Materia Medica and it represents the most significant upgrade from the very first release of Mercurius homeopathic software.

The result is a new stand-alone application (integrated in Mercurius in the same way as previous MM module) named Materia Medica Explorer which presents new stunning features especially in the area of Materia Medica search.

For quick introduction on Materia Medica Explorer, please watch this short video.

If you are serious about making the most out of Materia Medica, we highly recommend you to read the detailed explanation of new search options of the Materia Medica Explorer.
For quick look into new search options, please take a look at the search examples.

New features
  • complete new user-interface, much easier to use
  • display of MM in a tree-like form, sorted either by remedy name or title
  • completely new and faster searching algorithm with new options (such as NEAR operator)
  • completely new synonyms support (six levels of linked synonyms)
  • multiple search results can be compared (each search creates a separare tab)
  • search result can be exported to Mercurius as a custom rubric with repertory grades emulation

Compared to previous versions, new Materia Medica Explorer features extremely advanced search engine developed specially for working with materia medica texts, which supports six levels of synonyms, which are completely user-defined and editable via one simple text file (mmsynonyms.cfg).

Six levels of synonyms are defined like this:

  • Level 1 - "true" synonyms, also involving different forms of the same word, also singular/plural form (example: WINDPIPE triggers TRACHEA; AURICLE triggers AURICULA, PINNA, CONCHA, OUTER EAR, EXTERNAL EAR)
  • Level 2 - part of/kind of top-down relationship (example: EAR triggers OUTER EAR and MIDDLE EAR and INNER EAR, which in turn trigger MEATUS, LOBULE, AURICLE, COCHLEA, EUSTACHIAN etc. which then trigger other parts and subparts of ear)
  • Level 3 - pathological states (these are reserved for pathological states related to the trigger keyword, for example EAR triggers things like OTITIS, OTALGIA, TINNITUS, TYMPANITIS etc.)
  • Level 4 - broader synonym matches (example: EYE triggers EYEBROW or EYELASH; SINUS triggers UPPER JAW or CHEEK; NOSE ITCHING triggers HAY FEVER or RHINITIS; ALCOHOL triggers DRUNK)
  • Level 5 - even broader synonym matches (example: EYE triggers VISION; BREATHING triggers RALES; ASHAMED triggers DISCOURAGED or DISHEARTENED)
  • Level 6 - bottom-top follow link - it will only be followed ONE level up, not more (example: CAT triggers ANIMAL; OROPHARYNX triggers THROAT)

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