using repertory

Repertorization is one of the major modules of Mercurius homeopathic software. This process is the one you will probably use the most.

The basic process of repertorization is shown in the image below. This is the main window of Mercurius.
For an animated presentation of the process, please watch the repertorization outline video.

  • Using the powerful search options, you are trying to find the rubrics matching the patient's symptoms.
  • Once you locate the corresponding rubrics, you add them to the desktop area for further use.
  • When all the desired rubrics are in the desktop area, you can modify their weights (thus modifying their influence in the final evaluation). You can also group rubrics to superrubrics, apply filters etc.
  • Then you can evaluate the desktop's rubrics and analyze the results.
  • You can revisit the process many times, until you feel satisfied with the outcome.